Introducing Our Flagship White Steenbras Project

We are excited to announce our new flagship initiative, the White Steenbras Project, dedicated to studying and preserving the White Steenbras in the Knysna Estuary. This project utilizes cutting-edge acoustic telemetry technology to monitor the movements and behaviors of these fascinating fish. What is the White Steenbras Project? The White Steenbras Project aims to uncover the mysteries of the White Steenbras, a crucial species in our estuarine ecosystem. By tagging and tracking these fish, we gather invaluable data on their migration patterns, habitat use, and environmental interactions. This research not only enhances our understanding of the White Steenbras but also informs conservation strategies to protect their natural habitat. Why It Matters The White Steenbras is a keystone species, playing a...

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Somewhere Beyond the Sea: SEAmester 2019

SEAmester Knysna Basin Project

The SA Agulhas II loomed over the dock of Cape Town Harbour. For eleven days this 134 meter cargo holder, icebreaker, and astounding research vessel was my classroom, and home. SEAmester ( is an annual course, run by Prof Isabelle Ansorge of the oceanography department of UCT and coordinated by Tahlia Henry, aiming to bring hands-on ship based experience to South African and international post-graduate students studying marine science. (more…)

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