A field guide to the Shores of the Knysna Estuary


A field guide to the shores of the Knysna Estuary

the common creatures, seaweeds and saltmarsh plants – Written by Frances and Peter Smith.

Second Revised Edition.

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This new edition of the Field Guide is invaluable for anyone walking around the shores and saltmarshes of the Knysna Estuary, South Africa’s environmentally most important and beautiful estuary. Take it with you on your walks and beach outings and you will be able to identify and learn about the creatures that live there, the seaweeds and saltmarsh plants.

The Guide is practical and easy-to-use and clearly illustrated with full colour photographs. It is suitable for both young people and adults and will provide a ready answer for parents and grandparents faced with inquisitive questions, or who want to encourage their children to take more interest in what they find. Schools will also find it a great help for their natural sciences courses and eco clubs.

The photographs are clearly marked with both the common and scientific names and the Field Guide includes a section for recording what you find.

A must-have for people of all ages who want to know more about this beautiful estuary or who want to help others do so.

All the proceeds of this Guide go to Knysna Basin Project.