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Who We Are

Knysna Basin Project is a scientifically based non-profit organisation focused on continued research in the Knysna Basin >>

Community Engagement

Knysna Basin Project aims to create and stimulate public and learner awareness and appreciation of the estuary >>

Public Involvement

Be part of an organization dedicated to the wellbeing of the Knysna Estuary, become a member of the Knysna Basin Project >>

Rotary Know Your Town

Know your Town – a brilliant initiative presented by Knysna Rotary – give local school kids a firsthand look into our wonderful town and what makes it tick! Members of each school’s Interact Club visited a number of institutions from the municipality to the NSRI. The Knysna Basin Project was privileged enough to be part of this initiative this year – and we spent a beautiful morning at Bollard Bay introducing the kids to the estuary and some of its more common inhabitants. We also discussed waste and how we can play a part in conserving our beautiful estuary.
We would like to thank Knysna Rotary Club for including us in this initiative as well as all the interactors! We love initiatives like these – equipping our youth with the know-how of how to make a difference!


Bollard Bay Member Outing

Our first estuarine outing on the 24th January for 2016 proved extremely popular, with over 50 enthusiasts joining us. These outings are a wonderful way for the public to acquaint themselves with our estuary and its inhabitants.


Jeppe Girls - October 2015

Jeppe Girls High School spent a few hours with us enjoying a close encounter with the tiny organisms from different habitats in the Estuary during their Life Sciences Tour to the Garden Route in October 2015.

Gericke's Point Member Outing

An interesting and exciting time was had by members and visitors at Gericke's Point on Saturday 12 September 2015! See attached pics for some of our findings!

Knysna Sea Cadets - September 2015

KBP gave a presentation on the Knysna Seahorse to the Knysna Sea Cadets. This unit was selected as the top South African unit in 2013. An enjoyable and fun time was had by all!

Edge of Africa

KBP, in association with Edge of Africa, hosted a group of kids from Chris Nissan School. They had the opportunity to get to know some estuarine animals up close and personal.

Aslan Institute Retreat in Knysna

In March 2015, we met with a group of people from America here in Knysna on a retreat themed around "Sacred Activism" - how one cares for oneself, other living beings and the environment from a place of wholeness and love. The group was extremely engaging and enjoyed the estuarine experience and an introduction to the seahorse! Dr Tom, from the Aslan Institute, shared his inspiring and beautiful "An Ode to Knysna" with us. He wrote this during their retreat here in Knysna as part of his growth process.  


 Estuary Mar15PSWS 

 KBP Members Outing

Our members and visitors enjoyed a walk on the rocky shore of Buffalo Bay on Sunday 9th November 2014.  This biologically rich environment displayed many different marine organisms for us to study!  Prof Allanson gave a brief talk on the intertidal region being divided into three zones.  We saw flat worms, chitons, sea anemones, crabs, invertabrate egg cases, mussels, starfish, jellyfish, limpets, whelks, barnacles, an octopus and a seal!

Jeppe Girls High School

On Thursday 9th October 2014, Jeppe Girls High School spent a morning exploring the Estuary with our Biologists and Volunteers.

jeepe girls


KBP Members Shore Walk

The first members’ walk was held at Bollard Bay on Leisure Isle and hosted by Maureen Lake, Peter and Frances Smith. This was a good site for our first walk as it offered a range of biomes; rocks, eelgrass and sand as well as an interesting variety of sea creatures and algae.



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