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Who We Are

Knysna Basin Project is a scientifically based non-profit organisation focused on continued research in the Knysna Basin >>

Community Engagement

Knysna Basin Project aims to create and stimulate public and learner awareness and appreciation of the estuary >>

Public Involvement

Be part of an organization dedicated to the wellbeing of the Knysna Estuary, become a member of the Knysna Basin Project >>

Knysna Basin Project organised four walks at these two locations as part of the Marine Week 2014 activities coordinated by SANParks.  The children were quick to spot hidden creatures and the KBP volunteers leading the walk were delighted to find species rarely seen before, including the decorated crab and colourful but minute cape dorid nudibranch as well as the more common but no less exotic feather star, brittle stars, shaggy sea hares and big spiny sea stars.


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Knysna Marathon Club